Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Data Structures

  • CvSubDiv2Edge is a bit tricky.
  • CvSubDiv2DEdge: represents a index pair:
        [31:2, 00b]: pointer address to a CvQuadEdge2D structure.
        [1:0] : One of the 4 edges (delunay + reversed,  veronoi + reversed).
  • CvQuadEdge2D:  A CvSet 4 pairs of [ edge, associated-vertex ]; see cvSubdiv2DMakeEdge()
  • CvSubDiv2D: subdivision header and a graph of CvQuadEdge2Ds

Misc. Notes

  • Second argument to cvSubdiv2DRotateEdge() is relative, see how it is used to find the voronoi point in draw_subdiv_facet().
  • Some properties from OpenCV Book:
    Each point on the convex hull is connected to at least 2 of the fictitious triangle.

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