Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Build OpenCV 2.4.1 HTML Doc on Win7-x64

From CMake-GUI 2.8:
  • Check BUILD > BUILD_DOCS option
  • Download and install MikTex Portable Package
    • Use MikTeX Package Manager to install 'latex2html'.
  • Specify Ungrouped Entries > MIKTEX_BINARY_PATH "C:\ProgramData\MikTex2.9 Portable\miktex\bin\" 
    • The rest of that associated binaries (like BIBTEX_COMPILER) will be found in that directory.
    • Math expressions will not appear correctly without latex2html; It still works even without specifying the LATEX2HTML_CONVERTER field in CMake.
  • Download and install Python and Sphinx EGG module.
  • Specify Ungrouped Entries > SPHINX_BUILD "C:\Python26\Scripts\sphinx-build.exe"
  • Download and install Ghostscript package
  • Specify GHOSTSCRIPT_BINARY_PATH and GHOSTSCRIPT_LIBRARY_PATH to where Ghostcript package is installed locally.
  • 'Configure'
  • Verify that the binaries supplied by MikTex package is picked up by CMake (such as BIBTEX_COMPILER).
  • Check that the 'Build Documentation' is YES at CMake console.
  • Check that the PdfLateX.
  • 'Generate'
Open the OpenCV.sln in VS 2010 Express
  • Select html_docs project from Solution Explorer and 'Build'.