Thursday, January 6, 2011


Added a C++ wrapper for cvConvexityDefects() similar to how ConvexHull() does to cvConvexHull2().

The defects results makes sense when all the points are of the same contour. Otherwise, the depth_point would be found located at far end of the of hull, ignoring the closer ones.
Come to this conclusion by comparing 3 cases:

  • Random points (default example)
  • Picture of actual human palm in grayscale. Preprocessed by GaussianBlur and Canny Threshold, resulting in 61 contours. Simplified each contour with approxPolyDP(). Feed all points to ConvexHull() and ConvexityDefects()
  • Hand drawn palm in one continuous line, resulting in a single contour - ConvexityDefects() able to discover all the defects area in good accuracy.

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