Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Show Running Video Frame Number

Spent some time figuring out which existing (free of charge) media player could display current frame-number or resolutions up to milliseconds. I focused my search on Windows platform.
  • VLC: Unable to find a way to step frame-by-frame
  • VirtualDub: Yes - it is on by default. Noticed the limited types of media container support. It works with AVI, mpg, but not mp4.
  • Media Player Classic: Yes - but I am only able to show it as OSD, not the status / information area.
    1. Open the video file
    2. Configure the OSD option to display 'frame number' from Media Player Classic menu: Play -> Filters -> ffdshow Video Decoder -> Properties
    3. Turn on OSD option from ffdshow (available from windows taskbar)


  1. About VLC: Since you strike out "Unable to find a way to step frame by frame" please tell how to go to previous frame, and also please add howto do it forward / backward.

    In VLC you can go to next frame since pressing 'e' key, also can be done by activating advanced controls on view menu, then appears some buttons, one (right one) has a symbol of a film with a red down arrow, pressing it goes to next frame.

    But i can not find anyway to go to previous frame directly, without going to a previous point and then advance frame by frame (and manually counting how many).


    1. Sorry about the confusion. I believe I did not find a way to step forward/backward frame-by-frame in VLC. That's probably because there does not seem to ask VLC to display frame number.