Friday, August 26, 2011

Convert RAW YUV File to AVI with AVISynth and VirtualDubMod

Here is a straightforward way of placing a raw video file in YUV420 format into an AVI container.
  • Download and Install AviSynth 2.5.8
  • Download and Place the RawSource AviSynth Plug-in to AviSynth plugins directory.
  • Download and Install VirtualModDub
  • Now prepare a simple AviSynth script file called importYUV.avs with the following lines:
file_1 = rawsource("overbridge.yuv", 1920, 1088, "I420")
return file_1
  • Run VirtualModDub
  • Open the importYUV.avs as Video File.
    Now the first frame of video should appear on VirtualModDub window.
  • Choose File->SaveAs to save the imported YUV file as AVI
    • Choose 'Direct stream copy' as "Video mode".
    • Press 'Save' Button.
  • Ta-da! 

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