Friday, July 29, 2011

Install OpenCV 2.3.0 for CUDA

Decided to try out what OpenCV + CUDA is like. Prefer to start with 2.3.0 - quite a few fixes since 2.2.0 in this area.

Simple Build and Run of OpenCV 2.3.0 Release
Download OpenCV-2.3.0-win-src package.
Typical configuration with CMakefile for VS2010 Express - with C samples.
Build 32-bit - run video-starter to check video-capture is working - YES.
Build 64-bit - run video-starter to see video-capture is working - YES.

Build API documentation to understand GPU module
Download and Installed MikTex 2.9 Portable version to C:\Program Files (x86).
Configure CMake: BUILD_DOCS=yes and set MIKTEX_BINARY_PATH = < miktex/bin directory >
Needs Sphinx python module (sphinux-build.exe) to satisfy CMake configuration of Build Documentation
  • Install Python 2.6.5 (Win32)
  • Install setuptools
  • Download sphinx python egg
  • Run easy_install (from setuptools) on the egg.
  • Run CMake config again, specify exact path to the sphinx. This entry now appears now that Python installation is detected.
Open OpenCV.sln with VS2010 Express - ALL_BUILDS configuration currently excludes 'docs' and 'html_docs' project.
Compile 'docs' first - error at the end(?) saying the pdflatex.exe: Access is denied. Seems like pdflatex is trying to write some file within the Miktex program directory. Next time I should move the MikTex Portable directory to C:\ProgramData instead.
Build 'html_docs' - finished OK; HTML API docs now appears in the build directory.

Also noticed:
a WITH_OPENNI option in CMake - and there is a kinect_sample.

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