Saturday, July 30, 2011

CUDA 4 installation

OpenCV requires CUDA 4 Toolkit. Moreover, CUDA 4 supports VS 2010 while CUDA 3.2 only supports up to VS 2008.

Installation - README_SDK_Release_Notes.txt
Requires NVidia driver of version 270+. Upgraded such for my GeForce 310M.
Installed 64-bit CUDA Toolkit 4.0
Installed GPU Computing SDK.
Also downloaded BuildCustomization FIX just in case.

Verify the installation - CUDA_C_Getting_Started_Windows.pdf
Simply follow the Getting Started guide.
Some hiccups to resolve -
  1. Error building 64-bit 'cutil' - Change the Toolset configuration to Windows SDK 7.1 in order to get $(WindowSdkDir) macro pointing to 64-bit instead of 32 bit.
  2. Error building shrUtils - the source and include files are misplaced. Copied required source as seen in VC++ Project file from "C/Common/src". Add "C/Common/inc" to shrUtils "Additional Include Directories" to pick up the misplaced headers.
Now able to run the build and run the tests suggested in the Getting Started guide.

Applied the BuildCustomization Fix
Not essential but definitely come across such problem in later experiments. So it's still a fix needed for this toolkit. Description of the problem is in the README file that comes with the patch. Quite straightforward, actually.

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