Tuesday, December 14, 2010

3rd-Party + Test + Docs

Tried studying the header files now that it is much better organized. 'Feature2d' has a lot of new algorithms for feature detection and extraction. Overwhelmed by the changes and massive amount of functions in the header files. Need a better strategy to go over those.

Did a little look-around the openCV package:

  • Lapack is installed (default?) linear algebra library. It's written in Fortran, developed by University of Kentucky - Knoxville. Interestingly, Garmin's Chairman is an alumni and donated a building for Computer Science. Looking back at the CMake config, noticed that there is another linear algebra library called Eigen. There is a comparison between Eigen versus Lapack.
  • ilmimf: ILM (the all-too-famous FX studio) donated an open-source package to support OpenEXR (High-Dynamic-Range photo format). No source is included in this package. It's a build-option from CMake.
  • gtest: Google Test framework based on xUnit (unit test framework). Doesn't look like being used either.
  • libjasper: JPEG2000 library. Multiple-resolution sounds like a good idea for network transmission. It says require more computing power. Wonder how many camera or other real-life support.


  • Class name: Cxts ( Cv + Tests? )
  • The test sources are under project names cvtest_*; They are configured to be built in CMake. Notice all tests are descendants of Cxts. Individual tests seems to be registered to the 'master' class instance upon each instantiation.
  • Only top level cvtest_*.exe are built and installed under 'bin' among the samples.
  • Running: the cvtest_*.exe (-h for help). All or selected.
  • Check out the willowgarage site for test coverage table ( functions / conditions ).


  • Package comes with all-in-one PDF. Tried building the HTML version - one for each language (C, C++ and Python) by following the instructions given in README.
  • Need to _manually_ install a few python packages to Cygwin. Start with 'setuptools' which includes the important 'easy_install' tool. Update: There are some CMake configuration options regarding docs (turn on Advance and Group). That could be easier?!
  • Use 'easy_install' to download and install 'pyparsing', 'plasTex' and 'sphinx'. Installation is straightforward once I figured out what the 'easy_install' is about. But spending an hour of this just to make HTML doc seems like a bit too much. Strongly suggest the HTML doc to be included in the package.
  • As indicated in Release notes: Bibliography is indeed broken. Fetch the 'opencv.bib' from SVN repository to fix.

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