Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finally able to run the bgfg_codebook demo. Few hours spent on getting the videos ready. Surveillance camera video posted on YouTube. Download as MP4 (discovered that short ones like (0:09) doesn't seem to work). The next step is to find a suitable video as input. MediaCoder does that job (the latest 0.7XX version keep failing though). The input format chosen is Huffyuv (requires a simple codec installation) in a AVI container. I suppose the requirement is to have something like motion jpeg where every frame is a full-frame, unlike MP4. For some reason this PC is unable to play motion jpeg with an AVI container.

Using the default parameters is not very good. The 'Frame Differences' output seems alright. But the 'Connected Component' output often unable to 'connect the dots'. Tested using the Car-Theft-At-JoJo video.

Downloaded the Tennis Lesson #1 from "Fuzzy Yellow Balls". Wonder if that would give a better result.

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